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Our Business and Services

We have three core business to help and provide your digital business needs.

Global IT Company

We provide all of IT company needs to create the best digital businesses and products on the market. Our clients include major national and international corporations.

Ready to Use Platform

Build your platform instantly using our ready-to-use platform. Your IT team will save a lot of time to launching your product.

Retail Commerce Platform

We provide retail commerce platform to the market as a showcase for clients in building their e-commerce platform.

Our Client

We are Trusted by Big Companies & Startups.

We had several opportunities to work with well-known companies and organizations in Indonesia. We strive to provide the best service to all of our clients to achieve the results according to the client's wishes.

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About Us

We focus on strengths of each
person rather than on

Elemes Group (previously known as, founded in February 2020. As a team before, Elemes known for businesses that handle online learning platforms for large companies such as BFI Finance, Adira Finance, Bank Permata, and Kalbe. Then in 2020, it restructured and become a group of digital ventures that have as strong presence in market.


Bestee Internship Platform

BTPN Syariah

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Bestee Platform is an integrated platform for monitoring Bank BTPN Syariah's customer assistance and empowerment activities.

Learning Platform for Prakerja


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Lingkaran is a Learning Management System which is currently quite well known because it collaborates with the Indonesian government program, namely Prakerja.

Super Apps Platform Job Board, Recruiter, Wellness, and LMS

PT. Inter Solusi Indonesia

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This Super Apps Project started from i-Solution's need to find qualified talents who have high dedication to work.

E-commerce Platform for Used Goods


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Lajoe was created as an initial project and innovative product by Elemes Group. Lajoe was created as a digital business in Indonesia for curated secondhand goods.

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